All-Natural Healing

Salve focused on skin healing and aging.

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All ingredients are all-natural and  specifically chosen for their healing benefits.



Can be used as an ointment for scrapes and cuts with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties.


Long wear

MooseForce doesn't wear off easily. Keep your skin protected from the elements, while it soaks in the oils and heals.



Moisturizes without being greasy. Soften your skin without losing those calluses you’ve worked so hard for.



Each MooseForce product is completely handmade, ensuring the best quality.

Meet Alyx - the creator!


What Can I Use MooseForce On?

The versatility of MooseForce goes from everyday dry skin to cracked heels, chapped lips, eczema, insect bites, torn hands, scrapes/cuts, under eyes, overnight face cream, or even on your dog's paws.


What's in MooseForce?

Intense hydration with shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender, tea tree, frankincense, and geranium.



I have used mooseforce on my fingers and hands after rock climbing. It feels really good, helps heal my skin so I can get back out the next day, and it doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy like some other products I’ve tried. Would recommend! And will purchase again.

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My son has always battled with eczema. A lot of lotions and salves tend to have harmful ingredients that irritate his skin. We are in love with Mooseforce. Having a compact product like this makes it easy to apply to his skin during flare ups. And it's a plus that it is easy to apply, smells great and has natural ingredients. I of course use it too. We live in a very dry area so this has been a great product to replace some of the other lip balms I've used.

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This stuff is awesome!! I have been using it since September, 2019. I have used this stuff on my lips, my hands, my feet, my children, my wife, and my dog's paws. My wife wears Chacos 24-7. Her feet get pretty cracked. I smear some of this on her heals and see them get better quickly. Almost anytime I get a cut that is going to scab over, I dab this on and it heals much quicker. I don't wanna say this is a miracle drug, but it kind of is. I don't want to ever run out.

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