My Mission

My goal is to keep skin care products natural and simple yet highly versatile.

About MooseForce

MooseForce is a small women-owned business out of Cedar Falls, IA. I create each product by hand from start to finish.


My skin has always been sensitive and known to break out or become flaky dry. As I aged, I started to create my own skincare products, and while some I enjoyed, MooseForce was the only recipe that became a daily remedy. Since then, my skin hardly ever breaks out, has an even tone, and is neither dry nor oily - just healthy. 

Shea butter is MooseForce's key ingredient. This is because of its remarkable healing benefits, non-greasy feel, and long-lasting wear. Absolutely no additives for smell or taste are added to MooseForce, as ingredients are only chosen for one reason - their ability to heal. Although, I often get compliments on the smell!


I personally use MooseForce all over my face, chapped lips, and eczema on my arms, but it's uses are endless and range from person to person.