About MooseForce

I have been an all-natural fanatic for years so creating a salve with anything but natural ingredients was a no-brainer. My skin has always been sensitive and known to break out or become flaky dry, even with some all-natural brands. I started creating serums and other natural products years ago, and while some I enjoyed, MooseForce was the only recipe that became a daily remedy. Since then, my skin hardly ever breaks out, has an even tone, and is neither dry nor oily - just healthy. I believe this remedy may be the perfect concoction for others who suffer from skin issues.

My goal is to create a go-to versatile product that heals your skin and keeps your mind at ease knowing what your applying is free of anything unnatural. 


MooseForce's natural ingredient king is shea butter. This is because of its remarkable healing benefits, non-greasy feel, and long-lasting wear. Absolutely no additives for smell or taste are added to MooseForce, as ingredients are only chosen for one reason - their ability to heal. Although, we often get compliments on the smell!


MooseForce was created years ago for my personal use on chapped lips, eczema, and any other dry or irritated skin. Then in December of 2017, a friend and Crossfit fanatic asked to try it as he uses something similar for his Crossfit palm tears. He gave it a try and loved it! Today, it is the only thing he will use. After that, I handed it to a rock climber and got the same response. After spreading it around and getting great feedback, I decided to sell to every adventurer.


The natural ingredients can be used for so many purposes it makes it a go-to for almost anything you may run into!