Thin Hair Care Routine and Tips for the All-Natural Girl

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

My routine for healthy thin hair I've learned in the last 30 years.

I turn 30 next month! They say as a woman by 30 you begin to really know who you are. I would have to say I can agree with this. Even thought I thought I knew who I was at 25, I was so very wrong. Although, I'm sure I still have a lot to learn about myself, here is what I can tell you I have learned about living with very thin hair for the last 30 years.

1. Coconut Oil and Rosemary masks!

Coconut oil masks are by far the best I have found for my hair. It leaves my hair extremely soft, light, bouncy, and doesn't weigh it down at all.

How to do it:

  1. Pour a small amount (I use around 2 Tbsp but this depends on how long your hair is.) liquid coconut oil into a small bowl.

  2. Do not use solid coconut oil as it will clog up your drain pipes.

  3. Warm it up for about 15 sec. to where it is warm but not hot.

  4. Add about 3 drops of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary helps your hair grow thicker.

  5. Pour onto hands and/or straight onto head and massage into scalp, pulling down to the ends of your hair until all hair is saturated.

  6. If you overdo it and it's dripping down your face and the ends of your hair put a towel around your shoulders. It will stain your clothes.

  7. Leave on for at least 20min. Sometimes I leave mine in for an hour.

  8. Wash out with soap and water.

  9. Rinse your hair with cold water at final rinse to hold in moisture.

  10. Repeat once a week.

2. Cold Water Rinse

At the end of your shower one of the simplest ways to keep your hair strong and hold moisture is to do a final cold water rinse. It's never fun but I have found my hair is a lot less dry, especially in the middle of those Iowa winter months.

3. Apple cider vinegar leave in conditioner (DIY)

I make this myself. Apple cider vinegar is a great leave in conditioner that helps strengthen hair and improve luster by lowering hair and scalp pH.

1. Mix 1 Tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar with 8oz of water. You can add or subtract the amount of vinegar based on your preference.

2. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil plus any other essential oils you fancy for scent. Rosemary helps your hair grow thicker.

3. You can either pour or spray this onto your hair when you are finished washing it. I've done both and I don't find either any better than the other. You just generally use more if you are pouring.

4. Comb with wide tooth comb.

4. Wide Tooth Combs

We have thin, fragile hair! We don't want to break any of our precious strands using tools that will pull or create knots. Wide tooth combs gently comb through our hair so we can keep on track towards our goal of thick looking hair.

5. Skip Washes

This goes for really anyone whether your hair is thick or thin. Washing your hair daily is not good for it. It needs time to create natural oils that your scalp and hair need to even grow, let alone grow strong and healthy.

I aim to wash my hair about every 4 days but go for as long as you can or feel comfortable. Dry shampoos are amazing between washes. My favorite is Living Proof. Although, Hair Dance is my go to as it's all natural, much cheaper, and lasts forever. I've had the same bottle for over a year and only used half of it.

6. Blunt Cuts

Personally, blunt cuts with very minimal layering is my preference. It keeps my hair looking thicker from top to bottom simply because, well... there is more.

7. Shorter hair

I can never get my hair longer than about 2-3 inches past my shoulders before it starts looking scraggly. Naturally, your hair will break off as you're growing it out. Since we don't have much to start with, once you grow it out the ends will just get thinner and thinner. Hence why, I keep mine shorter.

If you have long and luscious thing hair then reach out! I want to know everything you did!

7. Braids for Waves

I love french braiding my hair while it dries to give it some wave, bounce, and body. You can do this after you've showered once it's about half dry or between washes when it's slightly dirty. It is harder to french braid partially wet hair, though, and you may break off some hair. If you do it dry, just spray water all over it once you're done to get it pretty damp. Either way you do it, once it's dry take out the braids, shake it out, and wa-lah! Fun and funky hair.

8. No Heat

The rule that is repeated over and over again. I also live by this rule. I never straighten my hair and I very seldom even blow dry my hair. If I do blow dry I use the cool setting almost the entire time.

Years ago I would take care of my hair, love it, and go back to ultimate styling by blow drying and straightening. Every time, about a month in, I would notice my hair started to look dry, straggly, and sad. This would normally lead to a haircut.

In the end, you're the best judge of what your hair needs and can handle.

Hope this helps on your healthy thin hair journey!

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any other suggestions.

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