Be ready for those back to back adventures. Grab two 5.5 ml sticks so you don't have to worry about running out in the middle of an adventure.

Lip Balm - 2 pack


    Great for any adventure whether you're a rock climber, hiker, rower, cross fitter, gymnast, or on-the-go mom. This scent is perfect for men and women.


    This handmade all-natural healing salve's base is shea butter and beeswax which gives it long-lasting wear that doesn't wipe off easily as well as a melting point over 100°. Great for those hot sunny adventures! It's anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal making it a great ointment for open wounds. You can be confident knowing each ingredient is specifically chosen for healing, absolutely no added fillers or perfumes are added.


    • Torn hands / Calluses / Flappers

    • Cracked heels

    • Scrapes / Cuts

    • Dry skin

    • Eczema

    • Hangnails

    • Chapped lips

    • Frostbite

    • Insect bites 

    • Child care (recommended ages 2+)

      • Rash

      • Everyday dry skin

      • Scrapes / Cuts



    • Before using, do a skin patch test to check its effects on your skin by rubbing the salve onto the inside of your forearm.

    • Apply to any dry or irritated skin as much as needed. If applying to open wounds, clean the area and dab on as you would any other ointment.

    Price is for 2 sticks (5.5ml each) and 2 tins (20ml each).

    Shea Butter

    • Speeds up healing and reduces scarring by boosting collagen production with powerful antioxidants

    • Protects your cuts with anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties from catechins

    • Reduces inflammation, irritation, and redness with phytosterols and cinnamic acid

    • Moisturizes without leaving skin greasy or clogging pores by penetrating into the deeper layers of your skin

    • Provides a protective barrier and softens skin

    • Fights free radicals caused by environmental factors with antioxidant vitamins A and E

    • Wards off UV exposure of SPF 6 with phytosterols

    Organic Beeswax

    • Forms a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental assaults

    • Holds in moisture and reduces dryness of skin

    • Attracts water molecules and helps keep the skin hydrated and soft

    • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the skin clean with antibacterial properties


    Organic Coconut Oil

    • Fights off bacteria with lauric and capric acid

    • Eases inflammation with antioxidants

    • Speeds healing by increasing collagen production with high antioxidant levels


    Almond Oil

    • Moisturizes and helps cure eczema and psoriasis

    • Easily absorbs into the skin

    • Soothes rough skin with zinc

    • Protects skin from UV radiation with SPF 5 from vitamin E

    • Cleans out dirt and oil from pores with vitamin A

    • Soothes irritation and relaxes the skin


    Organic Vitamin E

    • Reduce scars by regenerating new skin cells

    • Reverses signs of aging

    • Restores lost moisture in dry and damaged skin 

    • Absorbs UVB light keeping skin from burning in sun


    Organic Lavender

    • Protects cuts with antifungal properties

    • Speeds wound healing by promoting the healing of skin tissue

    • Reduces redness and irritation

    • Relieves pain with numbing effects to help soothe skin

    • Reduces inflammation with beta-caryophyllene


    Organic Tea Tree

    • Heals wounds with antibacterial properties

    • Relieves the discomfort of itchy skin

    • Soothes and relieves painful or irritated skin with anti-inflammatory properties


    Organic Frankincense

    • Promotes cell and tissue regeneration

    • Works to destroy harmful germs and bacteria upon contact

    • Adds elasticity to the skin

    • Dramatically reduces the appearance of scars


    Organic Geranium

    • Heals cuts and wounds with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

    • Tones up the skin which reduces wrinkling and stretch marks

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