Get over 4 times more than the lip balm size. (One .8oz)

All the same benefits but it may be maybe dented, deformed slightly, or be from the bottom of the barrel with a little more specks from the all-natural beeswax.

Imperfect Lotion Bar


    MooseForce's all natural ingredients are free from any preservatives or synthetic scents. Its versatility makes it great for nearly any skin irritant from head to toe. MooseForce doesn't wear off easily, so it keeps your skin protected from the elements while it soaks in the oils and heals. With daily use each stick lasts 3-4 months and lotion bars last 4-6 months.  

    Great For

    Torn hands/calluses

    Cracked heels

    Chapped lips

    Dry skin


    Scrapes & cuts

    Under eyes

    Nighttime face cream

    Tip: This salve has a melting point of over 100°, keeping it solid and usable on hot summer days.

    Tip: Great for any adventurer whether it be rock climbers, hikers, rowers, cross-fitters, gymnasts, or on-the-go moms. A perfect scent for men and women.



    Shea Butter

    Speeds up healing and reduces scarring by boosting collagen production with powerful antioxidants. Moisturizes without leaving skin greasy or clogging pores. SPF 6 protects your skin from UV rays.



    Forms a protective barrier to keep the area clean by protecting it from dirt, etc. Holds in moisture and reduces dryness of skin.


    Coconut Oil

    High antioxidant levels speed healing by increasing collagen.


    Almond Oil

    Moisturizes and helps cure eczema and psoriasis. Easily absorbs into the skin.


    Vitamin E

    Reduce scars by regenerating new skin cells. Restores lost moisture in dry and damaged skin.


    Tea Tree

     Heals wounds while keeping them clean.